Conference Dinner

Dinner at the Nauthóll | July 27 – 19:00

In Reykjavík the modern merges with the traditional in a myriad ways, one such being the city’s vibrant restaurant scene. Located in Nauthólsvík (“bull hill bay”) and near Öskjuhlíð – both well-known attractions in Reykjavík – the Nauthóll offers a rich food and drink experience illustrative of the country’s innovative gastronomy.

The dinner starts at 19:00 and should last for approximately two hours. Since SciCADE delegates have Wednesday afternoon free to explore the city, the meeting point is not at the University but rather at (right in front of) the restaurant, where our team will be waiting for the dinner guests.
Instructions on how to get there will be emailed later to all registered dinner participants.

We are working hard to make this a memorable experience. Dining by the Nauthólsvík in a charming July evening can only make for a promising start.